Thank you for your interest in my cakes! I live in the St. John's region of Newfoundland & Labrador. I've always adored baking and became interested in cake decorating after having our first child. My love for it grew further when my mother in law gave me a complete set of decorating tools! I took four cake decorating courses and loved every class! All of my cakes and icings are made from scratch.

Please Note:

I am not accepting new cake orders, at this time, due to an increased workload in my regular job and a very busy evening schedule. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Superbowl XLIII - I made this cake for my husbands birthday which happened to be a couple days before the Superbowl this year (Steelers vs. Cardinals in Tampa Bay)! The cake board is covered in green fondant. The Pittsburgh Steelers football helmet is made from white cake, covered in vanilla butter cream than fondant! The Arizona Cardinals football helmet is made from chocoalte cake, covered in vanilla butter cream than fondant. The face masks are hand made from gum paste. (January, 2009)

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